Privacy Policy

1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:
„Company” shall mean HAMU és GYÉMÁNT Kft. (seat: 1016 Budapest, Lisznyai u. 38.)
„Customer” shall mean any natural person who register to the, or websites, or subscribe to the Company’s Newsletter.
„The Customer’s consent” shall mean that the Customers’ personal data given during the registration or subscription are used by the Company solely for a purpose of processing the order and might be used for marketing purposes (data usage shall include sending information in e-mails, regular letters or), without any written permission.

2. In matters not regulated by this Privacy Policy the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on ‘right to informational self-determination and freedom of information’ and other relevant legal regulations shall apply.

3. Nature of the data management: data management based on prior approval of the affected person. By registration on the website of the store the Customer grants his approval to management of his personal data (provided during the registration process) in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Purpose of the data management: as for personal data provided for the purpose of performing the order: concluding the order in accordance with the sales agreement and keeping contact with the Customer during the order process; as for personal data provided for marketing purposes: build-up newsletter database, conveying marketing (eDM) messages to the Customer.

5. Legal grounds of the data management: Section 5 (1) a) of Act CXII of 2011 (prior approval of the affected person).

6. The Customer agree that – with the registration or subscription – the managed personal data (section 7.) can be transfer to KOD Média Kft. (seat: 1016 Budapest, Lisznyai utca 38.) from purpose of the data management (section 4.).

7. Managed personal data: personal data given by Customer (surname, first name, address, e-mail address, phone number)

8. Company, and within their sphere of competence, data processors must implement adequate safeguards and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, as well as adequate procedural rules to enforce the provisions of this Act and other regulations concerning confidentiality and security of data processing. Company entitled to transfer necessary personal data (only name and address) to Magyar Posta Zrt.

9. Duration of the data management: From the Customer’s consent until deletion upon the affected person’s request, or (in lack thereof) indefinite period of time lasting as long as the purpose of the data management persists. Personal data shall be deleted if (i) the management of data is unlawful; (ii) upon request of the affected person; (iii) it is incomplete or false and such condition may not be remedied lawfully, unless the deletion of data is prohibited by the law; (iv) deletion was ordered by the court or the competent authority.

10. The affected person may request information from the data manager regarding management of his personal data, and may request correction, deletion or blocking of his personal data pursuant to Act CXII of 2011 on ‘right to informational self-determination and freedom of information’. The affected person can exercise this right without any fee by sending request to the e-mail address. The data manager shall inspect the request as soon as possible but no later than 30 days from receipt. The affected person may turn to court in case of violation of his data protection rights.

The data management has been reported to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, in number NAIH-107026/2016. and NAIH-107024/2016.


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