The Organizers

VinCE Budapest Wine Show is a special event. It feels great to walk along the splendid halls of Corinthia and see the country’s best winemakers personally offering their latest treasures for tasting. A little further you can hear English, French or even Chinese words spoken, Masters of Wine and other experts discussing the items tasted. The conference room is filled with applause, an Italian or French winery has just presented its specialties.
Dear exhibitors, dear guests, let me tell you that organizing VinCE Budapest Wine Show is just as exciting. It is a unique feeling getting a sight of a long-awaited e-mail and an irreplaceable moment when a speaker finally says yes after several years of correspondence and persuasion. That said, we are becoming more established, more and more people have heard the name of VinCE around the world, which is on the one hand an ease, because one does not have to prove to everybody that VinCE Budapest “is worth a mass”, on the other hand, it is a responsibility, since we have to be as good as our reputation, which means a continuous, incessant work. It is an extra challenge that people, by their very nature, expect the usual quality, and if we want to create something really great, we have to exceed the usual, we need to add something new, that is we have to renew every year, paying attention to the demands of the profession and the public. In March 2017 we are preparing a real special treat: a glimpse into the depths of the greatest secrets, so that our guests can take part in the exciting world of wine.

Best regards and in the hope of meeting you on 17 to 19 March:
Agnes Nemeth
VinCE Budapest international consultant – organizer

Everyone should visit VinCE Budapest! Winemakers should come to meet over 200 Hungarian and foreign professional wine writers and traders, and those who are seriously interested in wines should come to find the most suitable out of the 15 international master classes. And those who only love to taste wine without any deeper philosophical discussions, will find more than 125 wineries showcasing 1000 wines in an exclusive environment, where they can compare farmers, regions or even countries to each other. In short, whatever the nature of attachment to wine, VinCE Budapest is not to be missed. I will be there, too.

Borbála Jandrasics

VinCE Budapest organizer

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